Don't Understand the Probate Process?

Don't Understand the Probate Process?

Sylvia McCormick Spilman Will Guide you through the process

No matter what size your estate is or whether or not you have a Will, Probate is necessary to transfer real property and personal property such as bank accounts in most instances. There are ways around a probate and with careful Estate Planning including the use of a Trust, the transfer process of your estate becomes less burdensome.

We can assist you with an Oklahoma probate, no matter where you may live, so long as there is property in the State of Oklahoma. Even if you have begun a probate in another state, it is necessary to file a probate in Oklahoma if there are assets in Oklahoma.

Probate can be very confusing and take several months to complete. We can assist you in identifying heirs-at-law (blood relatives), and devisees (those who are beneficiary of real property or personal property) and legatees (those who will receive money interests). Your part of the process is to gather all the assets so that a proper distribution can be made.

We answer all questions and remember, there is no charge for the first consultation!

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